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About me

Welcome to my blog. This blog is dedicated to self-improvement with a focus on personal productivity, motivation, self-education. 

I write about things that I learned and struggle with during my 20+ years of career in hospitality. Becoming a manager taught me that having knowledge is essential (that’s why I kept on learning), but sharing it is also very important. And this is what I am doing through my articles, share my experience and knowledge.

During my years in university (1990’s in Romania)  I did not have access to management studies, books from reputed universities. The opportunity came later on when I start working in the Middle East and afforded to do online courses with Cornell University. They were like a breath of fresh air for me and being able to apply them in my job was even more important.

Recently I decided to dedicate my time learning internet marketing. This blog started during the course and is where I am applying what I learned during the course.  


I sincerely hope that my articles will inspire all of you to discover more and become the best version of yourself

Final Note

In my articles, I share my own perspectives on time management, productivity, any other self-learning subjects. All writings contain my individual views and do not represent those of any employer past, present, or future. From time-to-time, I may write posts about services or products that contain affiliate links.