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3 ways to avoid setting unachievable goals

How many times did you end up a year and discover that we did not achieve some or all of our goals?

Did you ever wonder why? 

There are several reasons behind not reaching a goal:

  • Not knowing how to pursue them;
  • Setting vague goals
  • Unexpected events
  • Too difficult 

We can take diet as an example. How many times did you try a diet and gave up simply because you could not follow it, it was too restrictive, and end up eating more and gaining weight instead?

So, why do we set goals we can not achieve and how can we avoid doing this?

In their article, “Why we set unattainable goals “, the author Haiyang Yang , Antonios Stamatogiannakis, Amitava Chattopadhyay ,Dipankar Chakravarti ,give some interesting insights that inspired my article.

According to them, “goal setting is important for self-motivation and drive as it gives meaning and purpose to what we do”.

“Humans tend to be overconfident creatures, especially when a goal is linked to our self-esteem”. 

“Fundamentally, it is important to our psychological well-being — we want to feel good about ourselves not only in terms of our accomplishments but also in terms of our aspirations”

So, as goals are so important for us, how can we do better in setting them in the first place?

Here are some steps to consider :

Monitor and celebrate your wins

Keep in mind that we are talking about 365 days. No matter how well we plan, there will be ups and downs along the way.

Celebrate your small wins and keep track of your progress; this will keep you motivated.

Failure is part of the journey, do not let it take over

During your journey, find out what works, what does not work. Reflect on why or what kept you from making the steps forward in achieving your goal. 

As an example, you want to change your eating habits and lose weight, but the diet you chose is too restrictive. Maybe you need some time to adjust to it. Maybe you need to consult a specialist to see if the diet you selected will bring you the result you want.

Knowing what you like, what works for yoyu is what will keep you going in the right direction.

Failing is how you learn and adjust course so you can achieve your goal.

Ask for a third party’s opinion

You can ask a friend you trust to help you  understand why you failed a goal. Talking with a person that knows you well can bring some perspective to the whole journey. This will help you understand yourself better.

Now is your turn. Do you know any other ways that helped you achieve your goals?

Feel free to share in the comments below