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So here we are. Almost at the end of the year. And what a year!

Is time to look forward to 2021 with faith and some new resolutions. I do not know if it happened to you, but for me, I carry around some resolutions for years: lose weight, start a blog… . It had to be a difficult year like this one to start really considering my resolutions. I start by reading for the fifth time a book that had a strong impact on me and many other people: “7 habits of highly effective people” by Steven Covey. Every time I read it I discover something new, interesting. This time it made me consider last year resolutions a start to make a plan to make them come to life.

But let me share with you a little about the what the author reccomands for in his book.

  • start with a clear undertsanding of your destination: what do you want to do in your life , what is important for you. And for this he proposed an exercise: imagine that you are present at your own funeral. Your brother and sisters , children , some friends, some colleagues from work. Now think deeply: what do you want each of them to say about your life ? What character would you like them to see in you?
  • based on your create a personal mission statement; it focuses on what you want to be and what you want to do and your values and principles;
  • based on it you can make a list with the goals for the year

The only reason I listed the above steps is because is very important to make sure your plans are connected with who you are and what you really want in life. Making plans and new year resolutions is not hard to do, but completing them is the real problem. And there are several reasons why:

  • the plans do not resonate with who you are ; in this case doing the exercise above will put you in touch with your values;
  • we focus only on one or 2 areas of our life: work , partner, money , friends; we need to have a clear plan for each area of our life , we need to allocate time for work, study (to help us move forward), friends , family
  • no planning to achieve the plans; only hoping and wishing is not enough , planning your activities on weely basis os essential. for this you can find below a video with Steven Covey explaining why weekly planning is the best way to achieve your goals

If you want to dig deeper in above concept I reccomand you to read the book, is transformational.