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time management activities

When we use the words “time management activities ” or ” productivity “, it might sound complicated . It’s really not complicated at all. The idea here is that, in order to achieve something, we need to have:

  • a dream ( our vision) and
  • a plan (step-by-step guide on how to get there).

You need to also do a lot of reading. In my article below, I have a recommendation for 2 time management books I found most helpful.

This article contains 3 time management activities that will help you organize your life plus my recommendation for time management books.

Here are the top 3 time management activities that I reccomend:

  • spend time at the end of each week to plan the week;
  • find the time when you are most productive ;
  • end the day by reviewing what you did and make necessary adjustments to your schedule.

“Is that all?” you might ask. Of course not. There are plenty of things to be done but I like to start short and simple, otherwise it be might be overwhelming. Especially when you are not used to keeping a tight schedule. But if you are really interested in time management and want to go deeper in this subject, feel free to explore these essential time management books I came across in my self-discovery journey: 7 habits of highly effective people and Getting things done

Plan the week ahead – essential time management activity

Here you need a pen and a paper and some quiet time, 15-30 min. Ask yourself: What do I need to achieve next week? Look at all the aspects of your life: personal time, time with family and friends, work, free time. But remember that your week planning is just a small step towards your dream. So everything that you plan must be around your dream, around what you really want to achieve.

Let’s give an example. In 2021 I want to change my career. I already decided that I want to shift to an online marketing career and started a course. So, most of my free time will be allocated to study, along with time with family and friends. And of course, some me-time (beach, reading).

If you need a guide for this activity, I recommend you an amazing time management book, written by Steven Covey: 7 habits of highly effective people. It is a complete guide in organizing your life. The book gives you also a weekly worksheet sample along with all you need to know about time management. I also recommend you watch this video, by the same author.

Find the time when you are most productive

Start by observing yourself: are you a morning person, jumping from the bed directly into action? do you like to stay late at night to read, study? Keep in mind that the energy fluctuates during the day, so keep looking for the time when you feel active, energetic, For more details about this, read this article and one related to most productive work time

Review each day what you did

Having a weekly schedule helps you keep things in perspective, but the days are not always going as we plan. So, spend some time before going to bed to review what you did. If something is pending, reschedule, if some things are not important for you any longer, just remove them from the schedule.

Remember, there is no magic tool to help you do everything efficiently from the first time. We are all different, in different environments, different stages of life, different education, so on. Take time to get to know yourself, what you like, how you work, what suits you best. Books, articles can only give you an idea of what is to be done but you have to do the rest of the work.